Episode 129 - Buy A Shirt!


Hello and welcome to the Grand Opening of Here’s What I Don’t Wear! We’ve got all of your favorite brands at low, low prices! JNCO, Punitive Efficiency, GAP, Controllers on PC, The North Face, Non-Profits, FUBU, Bringing Back a Franchise to Fit Something Popular, Reebok, and more! Come in for our Early Bird 5 AM specials and receive a special kick-in-the-pants-because-we-aren’t-open-that-early-what’s-wrong-with-you! Plus, HWIDW Card members receive double rewards points every Saturday from 4:34 PM to 4:35 PM! Remember, don’t come in if you aren’t going to buy anything!

* Shirtless People

This week on the podcast we tackle perhaps the biggest issue of all. An issue so big that we dedicated the whole episode to it. And that issue is: People Who Haven’t Already Bought Something From Our Brand New Store At http://www.hwidg.shop ! We’ve got clothes! Men’s and women’s tees in all kinds of colors and sizes! A hoodie what with our logo on the back of it! A MUG. WE’VE GOT A GOSH DARN MUG (available in baby hand and regular sizes). You’d think we’d stop there, didn’t you. Oh no. No no no no no no. Nono no nononono no noooo. No no no nooo nooooo no no. We’ve got: THE UNCLE BUCK SIGNATURE HAT! THAT’S RIGHT Y’ALL! IN PATRIOTIC RED AND BABY BLUE! EMBROIDERY! HAT!

That’s mostly it, we also talked about other non-store stuff a little bit, but really all you need to know is BUY A SHIRT! VISIT THE DISCORD! SUPPORT US ON PATREON! BUY A SHIRT!