Episode 135 - This Is Mark


It’s official, Summer’s here. Time for mosquitoes, beaches, sweat, sweat, and more sweat. It’s all of your least favorite things in one convent package! But! IF you order now, we’ll thrown in the Best Of Summer Pack, which includes: grilling, ice cream, summer blockbusters, and an ice-cold soda. So get your board shorts on, catch some gnarly tubes, and eat some strips and cheese. What’s strips and cheese you ask? Oh boy get ready for a doozy. Strips and cheese is a “world famous” snack from the beaches of California that consists of COLD TORTILLA CHIP STRIPS TOPPED WITH COLD UN-MELTED SHREDDED CHEESE WITH A SIDE OF THE WORLD’S LAMEST SALSA FOR DIPPING. AND PEOPLE LIKE IT. AND PAY MONEY FOR IT. Jesus people are dumb, anyways:

* Las Vegas
* Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
* Celebrity Restaurants
* Stopping Just Before the Finish Line

A harsh, hot desert land, riddled with crime, gangs, and dens of thieves. One young, innocent farmboy fights his way through to get to his destination. Tab had a hell of a time in Las Vegas this weekend and tells us all about it. What is a millenial to do in Las Vegas other than gamble? Well let's just say it rhymes with "shooting a bunch of awesome guns".

A harsh, hot desert land, riddled with crime, gangs, and dens of thieves. One young, innocent farmboy fights his way through to get to his destination. That destination? The bathroom at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, because the 35 dollar "Rancor Leg" gave him the runs. Unfortunately, that was the most exciting thing he experienced there. Everything else was the experience of buying more Star Wars merch.

Hello and welcome to the official Here's What I Don't Get Gastropub! Have a seat! What can I get you to drink? I'm sorry we only have giant water bottles and watered down root beer, we're authentic that way. Waters all around okay, can I start you off with any appetizers? We've got a bowl of candy, stale licorice sticks, Todd's weird mystery jerky, no? Okay, well our special today is our McRage Burger. It's a hamburger from McDonalds with either Tab, Tim, or Todd's signature right on the wrapper! It's $17.50 and comes with 5 french fries and a sweet and salty tomato sauce for dipping.

To be honest If I had millions of dollars and was running a very successful Movie/TV streaming service I’d probably had forgotten about the “small stuff” too. To be honest I’m not sure the backlash from any of this anime robot stuff would even reach me. That’s how far away I am from this stuff. So, how am I going to learn anything. I just look at data points and say MORE or CANCEL. I’ve been standing in front of this finish line for years now, and I’m now walking backwards yelling into my bluetooth earpiece like a giant douche.

And more on this week’s episode! Voicemails, depressing news, and way way too much anime talk. Stick around til the end to make sure you hear Tab’s newest telemarketer harassment marathon. And if you don't believe me about 'Strips and Cheese' watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPWePs2M_vU Don’t forget to join us on DISCORD, support us on PATREON or by BUYING A HAT (with new discount code FREDRUSH)! Only until July 4th!