Episode 137 - HOGS (ft. kotojack)


Welcome to 80's: The Show on Netflix! Remember Stephen King? Remember The Goonies and Ghostbusters? Remember Dungeons and Dragons? Remember Synthesizers? Remember skateboarding? Remember smoking cigarettes? Remember Motley Crue and Michael Jackson? Remember going to the mall? Remember Russians? Well we've conviniently stuffed them all and more into one TV show ready for you to binge. And if you dont think this is the coolest thing since sliced bread, well you can go to hell. Straight to hell, where they have:

* Spare Tires
* Micro USB
* GPU Naming Schemes

Spare tires, life savers when you get run off the road by someone on heir phone. That is, as long as your spare isn't also flat. Or maybe it's hidden by some strange contraption under your car instead of just in the trunk. And maybe it's a compact spare made of papier-mache and held together by pure will.

Once you go Type C, you never go back to mini USB. Seriously, I want to buy the new version of everything just so I don't have to deal with the classic USB insert attempt-> flip-> insert attempt ->flip again-> it works. No bent tips, no slow charging, no fat connectors blocking the your phone case. I could go on, but frankly I just want to leave it behind.

What could be more confusing than Rambo 3 which is a sequel to Rambo 1 which is a sequel to First Blood? Why its graphics card names! Every 5 years or so they come up with a new naming scheme and stick to it. Then, for no reason they decide to screw it all up and go from 500 to X2W or something stupid. Or they skip a bunch of numbers. Attention NVIDIA, numbers don't go 5,6,7,9,10,116,20.

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