Minisode 16 - It's Twenty Fifteen

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Welcome back HWIDG fans to this month's Minisode dedicated to you the listener. This month we're back at the affected talking studios and mumbling about these issues.

Gas Cans
The Revenge of 2019
My Gum Not Being Here
Guitar Hands

Another victim in the slow march towards obsolescence in the name of safety, Gas Cans. These new pieces of shit require a PHD in cucked engineering to understand how they work. I've been taking some extension courses and the answer is, they don't. Getting the gas in, well that's easy, but getting it out, what are you some kind of terrorist? In the off chance that some kid gets out to the shed and gets to where the gas can is stored and can get the lid off, and still wants to drink the putrid smelling water? Well that problem just solved itself.

"2019 what a worthless year." said Tim the Handle Breaker not realizing at that very moment in the legion of doom Calendar-Man was strapping on his huge honker dragon Dildo to fuck him right up. Maybe it's the year trying to make an impression, and maybe it's just our subjective take on time, but boy howdy has this year been a rough one, and you weren't expecting it.

Regionalisms, why the fuck can I not get Cheerwine in Oklahoma? It's all the fuck over North Carolina and they are hogging it all. Fucking Florida has the gum I like in 55 gallon drums but all they sell here in OK, 15 piece packages that look like anal beads. Send all the product all the places, or don't send it anywhere at all.

Finally we're talking about how torn up and deformed your hands get when you play an instrument, any musicians that want to call in and talk about the debilitating injuries you've earned crafting your art, please call in.

All of that plus my Roomba fucks up again, we discuss Jussie Smollet, Todd can't follow google Maps instructions, and much more.