Here's What I Would Do About It - Episode 3 - Murder vs. Old People

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Hey there HWIDG fans. Tim the Handle Breaker and Tab are sitting down to run back down through the issues to figure out if Old People cause more issues than Murder will solve. Revisit all of your favorite issues from the last year or so of HWIDG. Thanks for supporting the show, hopefully we'll make another one of these sooner than a year from now.

OUTTAKES - Buck's Sleep Over Story

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In the interests of time management, this anecdote from Uncle Buck was taken out of the last episode. Not that there was anything wrong with it, just that the episode flowed better with it taken out, so that we could get to Randy's issue quicker.

So, for our Patreon supporters, here's a quick fix to munch on.

BONUS - Ask Chaco Jr.

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After many months of persistence from his son to make a podcast with him, Joel Chaco finally caved and sat down with Chaco Jr. to record a show.

And wouldn't you know it? The kid's got chops!

4 1/2 year old Chaco Jr. makes his podcasting debut with this funny/adorable interview that includes his opinions on spicy food, talking like a cowboy, zombies, and stinkberries, lots and lots of stink berries.

This will likely be a one-off, but if people like it, we'll do more in the future and share them here. Otherwise, Chaco and Son will likely just record more for historical record, and keep within the family.

But if you guys want any more of this, let us know... and feel free to submit some questions to ask the little guy on a future recording.

OUTTAKES - Episode 13 with Devon Tracey

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Since we love our "producers" we're giving you an extra 5 minutes or so of material from the recording with Devon that didn't make this week's episode.

In this clip, Devon talks about what he's been up to, while Buck searches for the ad copy for the episode.


Thanks again for the support, and let us know what we're doing right, and what we're doing wrong, in order to keep you guys around!


JC and UB

BONUS - Joel Chaco Wrestling Tales

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We saved this wrestling tangent from the Empress of Melanin episode for you, the best Patreon supporters a couple of podcasters can ask for.

In this bonus audio, Joel Chaco talks a bit about wrestling border crossings, going on tour with the midget wrestlers, being attacked by fans, and how Medicine Hat can't get over kayfabe. As well, Uncle Buck shares his own story of wrestling shenanigans.